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Group Challenge - Anon Kink Meme!

Guess what time it is? That's right, it's the return of...

The Anonymous Kink Meme!

Almost six months ago I hosted the original GK Anon Kink Meme over at my journal, and now the lovely combat_jack  mods have been kind enough to allow me to post another one over here. Everyone, get your kink boots on and prepare to prompt and write to your hearts content, with any luck this will get epic.

We all know how these work, right? Prompt in here, and when we get enough prompts, people will start filling. As they do, I will compile a list of fics which I'll update as we go.

Once filled, prompts don't become void! There's no keepsies, prompts can be filled as many times as you want - the more fic the better and it's always fun to see different interpretations of the same idea.

As for the prompts themselves, I only ask that you don't be too vague. This is a KINK meme and while it's cool to go off theme somewhat (and every interpretation of 'kink' will be different anyway) it's no fun to have prompts like: 'Brad/Walt, blue, spaces' or whatever. Go for something like 'Brad/Walt, oral fixation, stuck in close quarters for some reason.' You can also go much more detailed than that if you like - let the writers know exactly what you want and you'll be even happier with the results!

Writers, please use common sense when filling, try not to go too off prompt, and please try to stick with the requested pairing. If someone posts a Brad/Nate prompt that you think would be PERFECT for Nate/Walt, don't fill it anyway. If you really want to write it, prompt yourself (we won't tell).

And of course, please be respectful. Your neighbour's kink may not be your own, but don't call them out on it - live and let live. Having said that, if you think someone has posted something that is legit beyond the pale (sexist, racist, homophobic etc), please PM myself or the mods, and we will sort it out.

And lastly, while this is being hosted here at combat_jack , I take full responsibility for any craziness that may ensue! Please don't hassle the mods too much, who are just very generously allowing us to use their space here. All problems and complaints should come to me first and I'll endeavour to fix them as soon as possible. At the same time, mod word is law, and they have the final say in all things.

I think that covers it! For now, unless advised otherwise, there isn't a time limit on this, we'll just let it run its course and give everyone a chance to participate. The only thing left to say is happy writing!


Edit: Now that the fics have started rolling in, I'll begin compiling them in this post under a cut. Also, it's well worth checking out the GK Kink Meme delicious, very kindly compiled by burningchaos . She's still tagging the first one, but keep an eye on it. (Just realised I never included the link, ahaha. Delicious here!)

Edit 27/10: I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get this update organised! But here's a round up of the fics from the last month. I'm so proud of you guys, we've ended up with SIXTY-ONE amazing fics! I declare the kink meme a resounding success :D

Fics compiled 27/10

Brad/Nate. Brad breaks up with Nate for some reason

Brad/Ray/Walt, Brad and Ray do tequila body shots off Walt.

Brad/Ray mpreg

Brad/Nate/Ray Dominant!Brad Submissive!Nate Switch!Ray

Nate/Brad, morning sex

Brad/Nate. They meet in elementary school and from then on, Brad knows Nate is going to take over the world.

Brad/Ray/Nate/Walt, Brad's been with Nate for a while now but that doesn't stop him from being greedy and wanting Ray and Walt as well.

Brad/Nate. Tortured artist AU. Paint and sex.

Brad/Nate, they're both drunk and Brad thinks that the best way to drink vodka is to use Nate's belly button

Mike/anyone (even his girl back home). just tell me what that man finds sexy.

Brad/Ray/OFC, double penetration, using the girl for their own pleasure

Fic compiled 24/9

Brad/Nate, Gay Pornstar!AU

Brad/Nate, Brad catches one of the others perving on Nate during a combat jack

Brad/Ray, Brad and Ray are international espionage agents for hire

Brad/Ray, Bartender POV

Ray/Brad, rimming and fingering

Brad/Nate, wing!fic

Brad/Ray, high school AU, truth or dare

College Professor!Brad/Girl!Ray

Brad/Ray: Brad makes Ray ride his dick in front of a mirror

Brad/Nate, D/s

Brad/Nate, viking!Brad/pillage!Nate

Brad/Nate, grow old together

Nate/Brad, soft, desperate, “Oh-my-God-I-thought-you-were-dead” touching

Fics compiled 18/9

Ray/Walt. Ray takes Walt to get his first tattoo
Nate/Ray + Brad, Voyeuristic Brad gets off on watching Nate have sex with Ray

Brad/Ray, Despite the size difference, Brad is the one who likes to get to his knees for his daddy.

Brad/Nate, demon AU.

Nate/Brad- One of the guys witness a quiet moment between Brad and Nate,

Stark/Alex, 7 minutes of heaven

Brad/Nate, Cock piercing


Brad/Nate, felching

Always-a-girl!Ray/Brad, college!AU
fill one / fill two

Brad/Ray in Iraq

Brad/Nate, WWII AU

Ray/Walt, Ray ties Walt up with his work ties

Brad/Nate. Brad is the school's top athlete, Nate is the hot male cheerleader

Brad/Ray - Daddy Kink

Brad/Ray, Brad leaving marks on Ray

Ray/Brad/Walt/Nate, orgy

Brad/Nate, frantic sex

Gunny taking care of Nate

Brad/Nate, lipstick and bruises

Brad/Nate, marathon sex

Brad/Nate/Ray/Walt -- Any group sex

Brad/Ray, oral fixation

Nate/Stafford, voyeurism

Stafford/Christensen, combat jack

Brad/Nate, highschool!AU

Brad/Nate, Nate likes watching himself get fucked
fill one / fill two

Brad/Nate, Hurt/Comfort

Brad/Nate, pining!Brad

Brad/Ray, phone sex.

Brad/Ray being totally domestic.

Brad/Nate, werewolf

Nate/Brad, dominant Nate/submissive Brad

Brad/Walt, rough messy blowjob with a facial

Brad/Walt, watersports **upated

Brad/Ray, Brad is turned on by Ray in a suit
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