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Hi everyone! Welcome to the new Generation Kill Challenge Community, a host community for all types of challenges. Have a challenge you want to run, but not sure where to do it? We'd love to have it here. All you have to do is tell one of the mods, shoshannagold or lunasky, give us a brief timeline so we can coordinate with any other challenges that might be going on, and we'll set you up with a challenge tag.

All we ask is that the challenge and the responses be based on either the miniseries, or about the actors in the mini, and not on the real life Marines. (It's a fine line, but one we all know how to straddle!) If you have any questions, post them here or contact one of the mods. We're happy to clarify.

Current challenges running here:
1. Combat Jack Summer Fic Finishing Fest

2. Generation Kill Anonymous Kink Meme

Past Challenges
1. Friday 5 Rec Challenge

2. GK Battle

3. 25 Things Challenge

Coming Soon!
3. The Second Annual Porn Skirmish

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